Hello & Welcome

Hello everyone.

If you’re reading this, thank you so much for stopping by my blog.  For years now I’ve been contemplating whether to start a blog or not. I’ve always been into beauty since I was a young teenager, and my passion has only grown bigger as the years went by. I started off by creating an Instagram page (@beautyonabudget_94) to share my interest and love for beauty and makeup. In the beginning I never thought it would grow into something that would take up as much time as it did, and something I genuinely enjoyed spending so much time on. I started my IG page in January 2016, and never in a million years would have known all of the positive outcomes that it has brought with it. I’ve met new, wonderful people from all over the world, that I’ve gotten to know on a deeper level as well as getting opportunity to share my beauty interest.

It’s always a bit daunting when you’re throwing yourself into something new, but you never want to think “What if…”, right? So from the encouragement from friends and family, I’ve finally decided to start up a blog, and determined to make it my own personal space to share my honest thoughts on the beauty jungle, and I hope YOU want to follow along.

I’ll see you soon.

Much Love – Noreen/Beauty On A Budget

23 thoughts on “Hello & Welcome

    1. Thank you, Lovely! There isn’t any big secret to it. I have my page for quite a long time now, so that definitely has something to say 🙂 I would say just to upload posts you find exciting, and be social 😀 Flatlays are quite popular on there.

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