Technic Colour Fix Correcting Primer & Strobe FX Cream Review


Hello again

The time has come for yet another review, and today I want to review these two products – a primer and a strobe cream. Technic is not a brand that is widely accessible for me, so I tend to buy their products either through ebay or on fragrancedirect. You can also check out to see where they stock their products a place near you. I’ve tried a couple of different products from their brand, some I’ve loved and others I’ve been let down by. Their prices are extremely affordable, which keeps me coming back to them. Every now and then they release really interesting products, that catches my eye e.g. their unicorn cream. Technic is an award winning brand based in the UK and they’re cruelty free. Let’s talk about the products now, shall we:

My skintype: Oily/Acneprone – Light/Medium skintone.

Technic Colour Fix Correcting Primer:

“Oil free smoothing serum that colour corrects red skin tone. Includes vitamin E and aloe vera”.

The packaging of this product is quite simple. It’s a sleek tube, that you can easily dispense the amount of product you need. I don’t have much to say about the packaging as it’s quite simple but convenient. This primer contains 35 ml and retails for £3.99 here. But I’ve noticed that you can get Technic products for an even cheaper price in stores. I bought mine on the Danish site Luxplus for just a few bucks. They also have two other primers in this same line, an “Anti Blemish Primer” & a “Colour Correcting for Dull Skin”. This primer is supposed to be correcting redness, and therefore it’s green as it can counteract any redness. I must say it didn’t make a huge difference personally for me. It did slightly calm any red areas, but not enough to be labelled as a correcting primer. In terms of a regular primer it does work quite well for me. I love how it feels like a regular moisturizer, and how it smoothes out my skin. It layeres beautifully on top of skincare + it smells really nice. It has a really fresh cucumber scent and leaves me with a matte finish. I think this will be great for people with normal, combo & oily skin.


Technic Strobe FX Cream:

I have this in the shade “Catching Rays”, which is the lightest shade and can be used by most skintones. They also have two other shades; “Sunkissed” & “Carribean Sunset”. I haven’t seen that many affordable strobe creams, so I was really excited to try this out. This one has the exact same packaging as the primer. This cream contains 35 g and retails for £2.99 here. When I first swatched this… “OMG” it was beautiful! It had a cream coloured sheen to it. But once I blended it out, it disappeared. I was expecting more like a dewy, glow look, but instead I was left with a shimmery finish. There’s no scent to this, which I appreciate, and it does have a similar texture to the primer. I wish it provided me with a dewier look, instead of just shimmer. But I do love that can use this on my oily skin, without looking like a mess. My oily skin peeps can most likely relate.


So that’s it for the review. If you’re interested in this brand you can check out their official website right here.

Have a great day 🙂


17 thoughts on “Technic Colour Fix Correcting Primer & Strobe FX Cream Review

      1. I nominated you for the LIEBSTER AWARD. It is an award given to bloggers by bloggers. I just thought you’re a very inspiring and definitely hardworking person! Please visit my blog to know how you can participate. 💕(if you don’t want to, it’s completely fine! Heartiest congratulations to you anyway)

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  1. I’ve been so curious about Technic, wondering if it’s a good budget gem like Essence or another ‘Amazon’ brand haha. Such a shame about the strobe cream, I would want something dewy too!! I’ve never found a colour corrector that works for me, they always seem to leave a green tinge behind without really covering any redness. So annoying!!

    BeautyWithWispa ♥

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    1. Definitly has its hits & misses. But their highlighter is quite nice, and their tinted browgel is one I’ve purchased a few times. So surely they have some nice products 🙂 I was slightly disappointed with the strobe cream :/ But luckily I can still make it work, so I’ll still finish it! Yeah color correcting can be a bit tricky, I think it works great for really red blemishes, but overall it’s a bit more meehh hahaha

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  2. I’ve only tried out a highlighting palette and eyeshadow brush from Technic so far but want to try out more things now… thanks for sharing 🙂

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