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Mystery Blogger Award

Hi everyone.

So for the month I’ve been blogging I’ve been nominating by a few people for the “Mystery Blogger Award”. I feel very flattered to be nominated by some lovely ladies, so thank you to Nova, Stephanie, Autumn & Asma. You can click on their names, to check out their beautiful blogs. The creator of this award is Okoto Enigma, and you can visit her blog here.

Here are the rules for the Mystery Blogger Award:

  1. Put the award logo/image on your blog
  2. List the rules
  3. Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog
  4. Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well
  5. Tell readers 3 things about yourself
  6. Answer the questions provided
  7. You have to nominate 10-20 people
  8. Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog
  9. Ask your nominees 5 questions of your choice
  10. Share and link to your best post(s)

3 things about myself:

  1. My name is Noreen. I’m 22 years old, and a full time student.
  2. I live in Denmark, in the capital that is Copenhagen. In case you don’t know, Denmark is right next to Norway & Sweden.
  3. I love to share my passion for beauty on Instagram, and just a month ago I decided to expand by creating this blog.


Questions from Nova

What weird food combinations do you really enjoy? (Weird)

I honestly don’t think I have any. But I watched a show, where someone put spaghetti bolognese inside of a toasted bun. I would be so down to try that, and I would probably enjoy it.

If your job gave you a surprise three day paid break to rest and recuperate, what would you do with those three days?

I always go to the gym on my free days, spend a lot of the time in the kitchen, spending numerous hours catching up on YT videos, and my series, and then I would likely link up with some friends.

What social stigma does society need to get over?

Discrimination based on people’s ethnicity, color, religion etc. This is something that can really grind my gears at times.

In the past people were buried with the items they would need in the afterlife, what would you want buried with you so you could use it in the afterlife?

As silly as it may sound, I would want all of my beauty items with me. Yes, I’m that big of an addict.

What’s something you really resent paying for?

School Books! They’re so expensive, and some of them you only use a semester. Uggh I hate that!


Questions from Stephanie

What aesthetics and trends do you love to follow and recreate and why do you love them so much?

I’m not really one to follow trends, I do stay up to date, but rarely apply them to myself. But maybe makeup trends… If there’s a new trick, or product out there, I like to look into it.  

What is your favourite social media platform and why?

Instagram! I love scrolling through gorgeous photos, and it’s probably the app I spend the most time on.

As a child what was your first ever holiday that you can remember?

Probably Christmas, when I was around 7 maybe… My mom would always get me a chocolate calendar, and I would watch all of my favorite Disney shows.

Who is your favourite artist (band/singer etc.) currently?

I don’t really have one specific atm. But I love listening to Kanye West “Life of Pablo” album. Love all of the songs on it.

What is your go to cosy night in essential?

Snacks! I need to have them. Chocolate is always a favorite of mine.


Questions from Autumn

Who have you spent the most time with this summer?

Most of my friends have been travelling, which I haven’t sadly. So I think my family are those who I’ve spent the most time with.

What qualities does your star sign possess and would you say they’re accurate to you?

My star sign is Saggitarius. So the things I find relateable are, that I like being outdoors, and travelling, I’m honest (most of the time) & dedicated.

What has been your favourite song this summer?

DJ Khaled – Wild Thoughts feat. Rihanna & Bryston Tiller.

What is your favourite season?

This is such a coincidence, but my favorite season is Autumn! Not too hot, or too cold.

What is your closest friend like, how long have you known them and why are they your “best friend”?

My closest friend is someone I grew up with, and lived door by door, so we would always spend so much time with each other. She’s my bestfriend, because we have so many memories and I’ve always felt supported by her.


Questions from Asma

What is your childhood dream which you want to pursue but in vain?

I used you to have this dream, and that I was able to have the entire mall to myself, and pick out whatever I wanted. Wish this dream would come true.

Which is your favorite ride till now?

I’m not sure if I understand this question properly? Like amusement park ride, or car? Let’s go with car. I don’t know much about them or the different models. As long as it’s working, I’m happy.   

What inspired you to become a blogger?

Would it be wrong to say no one? I just wanted to share my love for beauty with someone who are equally as excited as me.

Who is your favorite blogger/ vlogger?

This is Youtuber, but I think he fits under the vlogger category. Mark Wiens, he’s a foodie/travel youtuber.

Is there any scary memory of your life which frightened you up till now?

Not till now, but for many years! I was walking home from elementary school, and there was this lady who was trying to grab me. I was crying the rest of the day, and was so scared.

Is there any regret in your life you can just say yes or no?

I think almost everyone has experienced something they’ve regretted. So I would say yes.

Best blogpost I’ve written

Without tooting my horn too much, I like all of my posts. But the one I had the most fun writing, was probably the Anti-haul, and it seemed liked most of you also enjoyed it. So might do more of those. Click here to read it.


Questions for my nominees

  • Pick an animal that describes you the best?
  • If you could only pick one dessert to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  • One country/city/place you would like to visit?
  • Tea or coffee?
  • Which celebrity would you like to spend an entire day with, and what would you be doing?

My nominees are:

To my nominees, you should by no means feel pressured to do this tag. It’s by no means obligatory to participate, I just thought of you lovely ladies, while writing this post. 

– Noreen.

29 thoughts on “Mystery Blogger Award

  1. You live in Denmark!! That’s such an interesting place to be in. 😍😍 I love the culture and I know only a handful of people but they’re all so, so nice! (Including you) Also, you have such a beautiful name. In Arabic, it means luminous. 🙈 And thank you so much for nominating me! 💋

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Whenever I see you comment on my post, I always get excited to read it 🙂 You’re so sweet! I find a lot of people getting confused when I tell them I’m from Denmark, since it’s not a very known country. I had no idea that my name had that meaning, how fun 😀 I’m more then happy to nominate you ❤


      1. Awww! It’s SO sweet of you to say that! I’ve actually read a lot about Denmark and I’d love to visit one day! 😜Also, you’re an amazing writer and I genuinely love reading your posts! 😁

        Liked by 1 person

  2. This is such a fun idea! I loved reading this, I felt like I know you a little bit better now! I’ve never come across a post like this so I really enjoyed it! Maybe because I’m still a newbie haha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for reading Sweetie ❤ I've been seeing them all over, so they've been hard for me to avoid 😀 I've been tagged in some other posts, when I do them I can tag you so you can participate if you like 🙂


  3. For someone who just started blogging so recently, how did you manage to gain so much exposure and engagement? What are your tips for helping grow your blog? I’d love to know!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi 🙂 I did have an Instagram beauty profile prior to my blog, so people may be coming from there. Besides that I don’t do much 😀 I try my best to stay up to date with the people I’m following here and supporting them. Sometimes I also go and read other blogs that are also beauty related to find new interesting blogs 🙂 Hope that answer helped you out.

      Liked by 1 person

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