[JOLSE] Nada Soda The Pore Care Pack – Bubble Mask Review

Hi guys

Todays post is going to be a review on a mask that I received from Jolse for review purposes. Jolse is an online site where you can buy all sorts of Korean beauty goodies. They have great prices on there, and if you sign up for their newsletter you receive a $3 credit that you can use on your purchase. So click here if you would like to visit their site. Now the product I was sent is this Bubble Mask from a brand named Nada, which I’ve never heard of before. To be honest I haven’t been super impressed with bubble masks in the past, but I wanted to try this with an open mind. Let’s start with what the product claims;


Claims: The smooth clay cream type texture transforms into actively popping ample bubbles. The powerful bubbles and clay ingredient tends the skin smooth and clean. Many ingredients soothes and tends the skin bright and clear with moisture.

What is it?: So this is a clay mask, but not a traditional one as it does not dry down. Instead it starts creating these fine bubbles/foam on your face. This is not like the famous Elizavecca Bubble Mask, as this just creates a layer of foam on your face, which supposedly cleans out dirt from your pores. It will feel slightly strange if you haven’t tried these types of masks before, but the best way to describe is, that it feels like mini volcanos are erupting on your face. I know it sounds super weird, but if you try it you’ll understand.

Price: The masks retails for $10.98 on the Jolse site. It’s actually discounted at the moment at $9.33, so imagine using your $3 credit, and the price would go down to $6.33. Yaay for affordable products!

Skintype: Recommended for all skintypes.

Packaging: The mask comes in a cardboard box, with adorable illustrations on it. The black & white plastic container has a screw off lid, and even comes with a plastic spatula to avoid contaminating the product, and makes it easier to scoop out.


How to use: Apply on clean, dry skin and wait 15 min (10 min if you have sensitive skin). Then I wet my fingers, and massaging the mask into my skin. Rinse off, and you’re done.

rigtig sidst
Starts of being a smooth clay mask
30 seconds later bubbles starts developing

My thoughts: The mask is super smooth, and goes on very easily. But you have to be very quick to spread it, as it starts to foam and bubble up almost immediately! The mask made my skin feel soft and smooth, and I noticed my pores were smaller than they were to begin with. I didn’t notice it having any impact on my whiteheads/blackheads. But I was just hoping for it to do more. I didn’t see any significant results besides the size of my pores. For me, It’s not any better or worse than other bubble masks I’ve I tried, so if you enjoy bubble masks you may like it. Product can be purchased on, or click here.

– Noreen

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purposes. All thoughts & opinions are my own. Links in this post are not affiliate links.

16 thoughts on “[JOLSE] Nada Soda The Pore Care Pack – Bubble Mask Review

    1. Yes! 😀 Jolse does ship to India. Unfortunately they do not offer free standard shipping to India cause there were many missing/theft accident. Indian customers have to select Intl Parcel service with $10 shipping cost.


  1. Ooh, I’ve never heard of this site! I have a bubble mask from Sanctuary that I’ve been keen to finally test out, just to see what all the fuss is about. Sorry to hear it didn’t blow your socks off though, but I always love reading an honest review. Xxx

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    1. I think if you’re going to like the Sanctuary one, you’re going to like this one as well 😊 I’ve never been blown away by bubble masks, so that might also be the reason why I wasn’t that impressed 😅 Thanks for reading, Babe 💕


  2. I’ve only used a foaming sheet face mask and I really like it even though many didn’t. I didn’t see magic afterwards but my skin felt lovely.. I think the tub would be something I’d enjoy using .. I like that sensation on my face

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    1. I kinda want to try a foaming sheet mask 😀 Don’t know if it’s similar to this types of mask or not. If you like bubbles, I guess you would like this 🙂 Maybe the OG Elizavecca Bubble Mask you’ll like even better. It bubbles up into a huge cloud.

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  3. First if all, I already like this brand because my sister’s name is Nada! Seond, I had never really tried any foam clay masks before so for this price, I’m down to buy this! Third, I love products that come with a spatula, it feeds my ocd lol. Finally, I wana say I miss your posts! I haven’t been reading them lately but I’m glad I’m back hehe! Have a great day 💞💗💞💗💞

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    1. Oh they’re a thing for sure 😀 I’ve noticed them when they started to float around social media. You can get som bubble sheetmasks, that are fun if someone is interested in trying something with bubbles, instead of buying an entire tub 🙂 But this one is so cheap, that it’s worth a shot as well 🙂


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