My Makeup Wish List (Too Faced, Kylie Cosmetics, Colourpop and more)

I can litteraly make a wish list over beauty products that I want every single week. But being the drugstore girl I am (and broke student), I can almost never get myself to buy the highend products, as I have bigger priorities than makeup, and I think you can find amazing gems for an affordable price. So instead I thought it would be fun to show, what products that are bit more on the high-end side, that I like to dream about having.

Kylie Cosmetics – The Wet Set

Photo belongs to Kylie Cosmetics

There’s not many of Kylies products that I fall in love with on first sight. But this highlighter palette caught my attention for some reason. It’s part of the “Vacation” collection, and got sold out within minutes. Are the shades in it super unique? Probably not, but judging from swatches online I do love the shades, and they look so buttery & smooth. The pans look huge, and the print on the front is gorgeous as well. It’s supposedly also has a very unique texture to, as they feel wet or cushion-like when you press on it.

Too Faced – Just Peachy Mattes Eyeshadow Palette

Photo belongs to Too Faced

Now this palette has actually just been released on August 31th. I love all of the shades in it, maybe except for one. Every single one of them is matte, which I love! It almost looks like the outer packaging is similar to a clutch or something, and with a pink and white ombre effect on the front. If I could only choose one item of this wish list, I would choose this one!

Colourpop – Yes, please

Photo is found on Influenster

This palette is so cheap, at only $16. The only things holding me back is that I don’t wanna have to risk paying taxes, fees etc. You also have to be quite quick to snag one up, as it gets sold out quite quickly after they announce their restock. Again I love there are a lot of mattes in here, but the shimmers look gorgeous as well! I’ve tried Colourpop shock shadows, and they’ve been really nice, so I can only imagine how this one is.

Colourpop – No Filter Concealer

Colourpop concealers
Photo belongs to Colourpop

Colourpop keeps putting out new releases, and these are one of their newer releases. They claim their concealers are; full coverage, matte, blendable & creseproof. That’s a lot of claims, but so far they’ve been received very well. I’m hoping to get to try these, since they’re sold out all the time. But I’m hoping to get to try these, and especially for such a low price of $6 they’re fit into everyones budget.

Coverfx – Costume Enhance Drops

Photo belongs to @ShawnaOhPlease

I know I can get a lot of affordable liquid highlighters, but seeing these being swatched, and the luxurious metal/holographic packaging wins my heart over! I love how you can mix a few drops in your foundations for a dewier finish, or you use alone on the high points of you face to enhance any features. Just looking at the glow of the online swatches, how can you avoid falling in love with them. I know Makeup Revolution have recently released a product, very similiar to this, which I might check out.

Hour Glass Cosmetics – Ambient Lighting Edit Volume 3

Photo is found on/belongs to Musings of a Muse

I’ve always wanted to try a Hour Glass powder product, but seeing them combined makes them even more appealing. Their powders are supposed to be finely milled, and have the most beautiful finish. And the marble print makes them look even more beautiful. This palette contains a variety of blushes, powders, a bronzer and highlighters.

What makeup/beauty/skincare products are on your wishlist?

– Noreen.

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the photos in this blog post. Credit is given to the owner of the photos. Links in this post are not affiliate. 


31 thoughts on “My Makeup Wish List (Too Faced, Kylie Cosmetics, Colourpop and more)

  1. I feel you girl, I can’t afford most of those highend products too :’). These products here in Egypt are so expensive you have to save for months to get a palette or even a lipstick. But keep it up and keep working hard so you can turn those dreams to reality xx

    Liked by 2 people

    1. The struggle! I see so many tempting products all the time :/ I’m thinking about setting aside a little bit of money every month, and then maybe splurge on one of these 😀 I can only imagine how much these products would cost in Egypt :/


      1. I’m pretty sure there is one 🙂 I mean it’s not like US drugstore prices, but it might be a bit cheaper than Egypt 🙂 I personally don’t think we have the biggest selection of affordable brands, but you might be able to found great products. There is also a chain named “Normal”, if you get the chance also check that out ❤

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  2. I bought the last Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit (with the marble packaging) and I really love it! I use every powder in it. I definitely want to pick up the 3rd one to add to the collection.

    I also had no idea about the Too Faced Just Peachy Mattes palette being released, but it’s definitely right up my street! I love the look of Peach Cobbler, Just Ripe and Fresh Picked.

    Louise | Lipstick & Luxe

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Just the design of it is stunning ❤ I hear so many raving about these palettes, but they're quite expensive aren't they? :/ They also came out with a Rose Gold edition for the holiday, but I don't know if it's completly new, or they just put existing shades in one palette.

      The Too Faced is beyond gorgeous! The shades just speaks to me, and I love how it's all matte.Thank you for stopping by Louise ❤


  3. Lovely post, thanks for sharing. I can see a couple of these products finding their way onto my wishlist too. No thanks for that one! 😂

    My wishlist consists of a number of Zoeva brushes, 3 Zoeva palettes, a couple of Becca highlighters; a couple of Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks and blushers.

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    1. Hahaha I’m sorry 😀 But hey the holidays are coming up, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to be gifted one of these. Oh my I’ve seen those Zoeva palettes, and they look stunning! Relly wanna try Becca & Charlotte Tilbury as well. Thank you for reading, Beautiful ❤

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  4. I want the peach palette! I love the matte shades!

    I want the Yes, please palette also lol but I’m totally like you and scared to order from Colourpop because of the duties! I’ve heard so many people getting hit with high custom fees, even on small orders!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The matte shades are the reason why I’m so attracted to it 😍 The custom fees are so annoying 😭 They’re holding me back from getting anything from their page 😔 That palette is beautiful, and has great reviews on it, which makes me even more sad

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