Youtubers I Love Watching – Foodies & Beauty Gurus

Hi everyone! Hope you’re all doing well. So, these past weeks have been quite hectic for me, and unfortunately, I couldn’t find the time to upload a post yesterday, which is the day I always post. I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed trying to keep up with my blog and Instagram profile, on top of dealing with my internship, working on my exam and testing out a variety of products. Luckily, I’m almost done with my internship and exam, so fingers crossed that everything will go well. In this post I’ll be sharing some of my favorite Youtubers that I enjoy watching. There’s everything from food videos to beauty. If you have any Youtubers you enjoy watching feel free to mention them in them comments, as I’m always on the lookout for great videos. Next week I’ll be uploading my thoughts on some ABH eyebrow products, so be on the lookout.

The Domestic Geek

I swear 50% of the people I’m subscribed to are food related. No shame though! Sara Lynn makes a mix of healthy videos, such as meal prep videos, but she also makes the more indulgent kinds. She makes everything seems to easy, and I love the combo of sweet & savory videos on her channel. Whatever your heart desires, she’ll probably have a delicious video on that.


Mark Wiens

I stumbled across Marks channel, when I first saw a video from his “Round the World for Food” series. He has videos from India, Oman, Turkey, Portugal and many more. By just watching one video, it had me hooked and I subscribed right away. He’s basically a food blogger/vlogger who lives in Thailand. But quite often he travels to different countries and explores their cuisine & culture. Not only are you getting to experience some authentic food, but Mark also visits different tourist attractions, and gives cool tips & tricks along the way.


Stephanie Nicole

Stephanie works inside the professional beauty industry, and does some extremely detailed reviews. She literally breaks everything down in her videos – and I mean everything! She also provides time stamps for her videos in her description box, as her videos tend to be on the longer side. The video that made me subscribe to her was her famous “Morphe Brand Review”. Not necessarily because I agreed with everything she said, but her honesty and the amount of research & effort she puts in her video was admirable.


Carli Bybel

The biggest reason why I watch Carlis video is that she gorgeous as F#CK. Yeah I said it… That’s the main reason. Her favorite videos of mine are her “Get Ready With Me” as well as her fashion related videos. I love her sense of fashion. Her videos are not necessarily some that I turn to, to learn something. But more for entertaining purposes.


Divas Can Cook

The woman behind this channel is Monique, and her recipes are to die for! What I love about her recipes are, that they’re not super fancy, or hard to make. They’re very homestyle-like, and she shows everything step by step, while guiding you. I’ve tried a few recipes of hers, and they were easy to make and tasted great. She mainly does dessert recipes, with some savory ones thrown in there as well. Love her videos!



This is a girl I watch, mainly, for her foundations reviews. She’s the same skintone, and skintype as me (NC30, Oily & Acneprone) and I always find her reviews to be honest & trustworthy. A lot of the foundation I want, I can’t buy in Denmark so I have to order it online, so I rely on her shades & words, and so far it’s been working well for me.


Wayne Goss

Wayne is someone who has been on Youtube for several years, and I feel like he knows his stuff. His makeup hacks & advice videos are the best. Wayne has also mentioned how the beauty community are becoming uninspiring, and un-relatable, when they’re flashing their wealth, by showcasing their houses, designer bags etc. I think this is a huge thing of him to point out, especially when being part of the beauty community himself. I appreciate his honesty, and his originality in his videos. His videos are short, informative, and I walk away knowing more than I did 2 minutes ago.


Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the photos in this post. All the photos belong to the righteous owner. 

24 thoughts on “Youtubers I Love Watching – Foodies & Beauty Gurus

  1. I don’t watch as much YouTube as I used to, mainly because you don’t really know the honest reviews these days but Wayne Goss is a must, I love his advice and unlike many other make up ‘gurus’ he seems honest. I also love Caroline Hirons – I can’t afford most of the skincare she talks about but gives valuable advice and I love her rants😁

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    1. I seriously think I watch at least 1 or 2 videos as day hahaha. Even though it’s a bad idea, I love watching a few ideas before going to sleep in my bed. I do agree withyou. My trust with a lot of the bigger youtubers isn’t that big unfortunately :/ Wayne Goss is amazing. I love his tips and tricks, and I love how original they are 😀 Uhh Caroline Hiron is really nice as well. I don’t really watch her videos, but do read her blogposts every once in a while 🙂 But yeah the products she recommend can be a bit pricy hahaha

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  2. Loved this post!! Another entertaining and fun read, I have never looked at foodie YouTube.. but have to now!! Don’t even know why I haven’t thought of it? I’m always shoving food in my mouth 🤣
    I love Carli Bybel too and turn to Wayne Goss regularly because I trust him, he is honest and what I see on screen is what I believe the ” real him” I would love to chat to him.

    Keep your head up, do what you can, and everything just kind of works out when you take the pressure off .

    Good luck with finishing your internship lovely 😊

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    1. Thank you lovely ❤ I'm looking forward to having a bit more energy for my blog and IG 🙂 I've noticed how many of my subcriptions are food based hahaha. I mean just look at those photos above, everything looks so delicous! Goss has amazing tips, I especially love that I don't necesarily have to go out and buy new products for those tips to work 😀 Carli is so beautiful, I can't get over it!


  3. These are some great suggestions! I am going to subscribe to Saammage because I also have oily and acne prone skin! I find it helpful watching YouTubers with the same skin type!

    I also have to check out Wayne Goss’s channel. I know who he is of course but I’ve never watched his videos! But your description of him makes me feel like I should! I don’t like when channels flash their wealth either and I love a nice concise video.

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    1. Yeah exactly it really helps finding someone who has a similiar skintype 🙂 She does a lot of foundations, also budget friendly, so they really help me out when I have to order online.
      I gotta admit I don’t watch all of Goss’ videos, but some of they are very short and informative, which are faves 🙂 He does share some great tips, and almost has a solution for anything makeup related.

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  4. Oh this is a new type of post! I definitely enjoyed this it helped me know new youtubers! I only knew Wayne Goss before this but I never watch youtube as much as I used to before. This is getting me a little more excited to get back to watching youtube!
    Thanks for this cool post and I hope everything goes well with your internship and exams! 😘😍💪😘😍💪

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  5. Ooh love this post lovely!! I love me some Stephanie Nicole, she always tells it like it is. I’ve been meaning to watch Wayne Goss videos for so long – thank you for reminding me!
    Also those brownies by Monique look incredibleeeeee xx

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    1. Thank you for always showing love ❤ I love Stephanies honesty, I feel like you can always count on her for the most honest reviews! Wayne is such an OG, and shares awesome tips. Yass those brownies look amazing right ❤ I recently tried her chocolate chip cookies, which were so delicious.


  6. Love this post!! I agree with what you said about Carli, Wayne Goss and Stephanie Nicole- they’re all great to watch in their own ways and Carli is sooo gorgeous, definitely an entertainment type of channel for me lol. I also really love Samantha Ravendahl- have you heard of her?? She’s from Vancouver (my home town) and soooo honest and funny and real she’s so great. I really enjoy watching Tati from GlamlifeGuru and Cheryl’s hauls on MakeupbyCheryl. I’m trying to follow your blog back but I’m having some issues with WordPress at the moment, so as soon as I solve it with them I will follow you too! xo J

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    1. Thank you so much, lovely ❤ I consider myself a Youtube addict, and I can't go a day without catching up with some of fave youtubers 😀 I've actually never heard of Samantha or Cheryl, but I do want to check their channels out 🙂 Thanks for the recommendations!

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  8. I am more along the line of watching anything food related lol. I am also a YouTuber (sml) but I’m there too..lol…my YouTube name is jambeauty. If you get the chance between all the stuff you have going on please check out my channel… I love baking so I’ll definitely be checking out some of those on your list. Thanks for sharing 😊

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