The Best 3$ Blushes You’ll Ever Buy! Essence Satin Touch Blush & Matte Bronzer Review & Swatches.

Drugstores are stepping their game up, and you don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of money on good quality makeup. Have you heard of Essence Makeup? Essence is a makeup brand that was originated in Germany, but has now expanded to many countries. It’s also available online for those who can’t physically get a hold on their products on this site Kostmetik4less, where I’ve purchased from before. I’ve tried a fair share of Essence products, some have been really nice and others I was not impressed with. I’ve talked about their blushes, and bronzer on my Instagram before, but I thought I wanted to review it on my blog as well. Let’s start with the blushes:

Satin Touch Blush

So I got two shades “Satin Love” & “Satin Coral”, but in some countries you’re also able to find a third shade by the name “Satin Bronze”, which I decided not to pick up. I’m so slow at using my blushes, that I decided to narrow it down to two. Besides the bronze blush didn’t interest me that much either. Each blush contains 5 g./0.17 oz. and retails for just $2.99! Yeah I didn’t write a wrong price. That’s the legit price of this blush. I thought to myself how good could they be, when they’re so cheap, but I was shook. They’re super soft to touch, and one dip will get you a long way. These are very pigmented, which I know is a plus for many. But I don’t know, I don’t always like when a product is too pigmented, just because sometimes I apply too much. So I always start out applying the tiniest amount, and then build it up to my liking. I hope I’m not the only one, that struggles with this issue sometimes. The blushes apply beautifully on the skin. It does have a satin finish with a stunning sheen to it. There isn’t any actual glitter in it, but there is some type of sheen to it. They’re pretty long lasting as well, and last 5-6 hours on my oily skin without a problem.


Sun Club Matt Bronzing Powder

I intentionally accidentally sniffed this at the store, and I probably had a crazy expression. IT’S COCONUT SCENTED! I love everything that smells like Coconuts, so I just had to take one home with me. The bronzing powder comes in two shades, one for lighter skin and for darker skin. Essence need to work on their shade selection, cause they honestly suck. Like at least make three or four. Just saying!  I have the one for darker skin, which isn’t even that dark. I love when powders have cute prints on them, which this one also has. The pan is huge, but it contains 15 g/0.52 Oz. which is quite normal. They probably just thinned it out, so it appears larger. But hey there’s a good amount of product in here anyway, so I’m not complaining. It feels very silky and is also matte. It looks beautifully when applied with a fluffy brush as a bronzer. I tried to contour with it, and I failed. It’s way too warm, and I had an orange streak underneath my cheekbones. It’s a bit powdery and do think I have to spend some extra time blending it into my skin. It lasts me a few hours, but isn’t as long-lasting as the blushes. I can’t remember the exact price, but it was either $4 or $5.


Both products are nice, but the blushes beat the bronzer! No doubt about that. If you have any Essence recommendations, feel free to comment them below.

– Noreen

27 thoughts on “The Best 3$ Blushes You’ll Ever Buy! Essence Satin Touch Blush & Matte Bronzer Review & Swatches.

    1. I don’t usually go for glittery blushes, but since they’re so cheap I may not mind. I have seen the mosaic blushes, so I’ll go to the store, and maybe swatch them to get a feel of them 🙂 Thank you for the recommendation ❤


      1. It is only one networt of shops called Wilko where they sell Essence but they don’t sell any special/seasonal/very limited like some Christmas editions and I also couldn’t find these blushes anywhere 😐


  1. I’m a little scared of pigmented blushes as well. I would rather the colour be subtle but buildable! I’m fair so pigmented blushes look crazy on me! That said, I do really want to try the Essence ones. I would just have to be VERY light handed lol.

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    1. Right?! I feel the same way about very pigmented eyeshadows. It’s always easy to build up the color if you want, but it’s so hard to control a product if it’s too pigmented. I think you should totally try them out 😀 A light dip to the pan, and you’ll be good ❤

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