Excusive Sneak Peek – Essence Cosmetics 2018

*Reklame/Gifted Products* Last week I was invited to an event in Cologne, Germany to an Essence Cosmetics event. Essence is a cruelty free brand that moves super quick and launches new products regularly. They’re a German brand that has expanded worldwide and are a true definition of budget friendly makeup. I haven’t tried the products out properly as I just received them very recently. Instead I’ll be sharing photos of them and a little information about each product. Once I’ve tested them out I’ll most likely share my thoughts about them – either in a blogpost or on my Instagram. These products will be available to the public around late August/September. For the Danish readers Essence products are available for purchase in Føtex & Bilka.

Nails In Style

I received 4 different pairs of fake nails in my goodiebag. Three of them has a really cool holographic/duochrome effect in the shades “Cosmic Mermaid”, “Galactic Chrome” & “Fairy Glow”.


The last pair I got is “Glazed Nudes” which look like glossy, light pink nails. You don’t need any glue to wear these as they will stick to the nails with some adhesive tab, which are included. There are also included instructions inside the case. However the nails do look quite small and therefore won’t be suitable for everyone.


Eye & Face Palettes

In these palettes you receive 9 different shades with a combo of matte and shimmers. Each palette contains 11g/0.38 oz. of products.


What first struck me was the resemblances to the MAC Girl Palettes. The packaging is almost identical and I do see similarities when it come to the shades.

The Future Is Me

38650065_1952719111457571_5302487806696751104_nBorn Awesome

39012460_218936825467070_1416663145467871232_nToo Glam To Give A Damn

38942561_245786042928177_1762158333462052864_nNot Your Princess


Prime+ Studio

Here are three kind of primers that contains clay as their key ingredients. There is one with black clay to mattify and minimize the pores. There is one with green clay that will help minimize the pores and correct redness. The last one contains pink clay that minimizes pores and works as a glow booster.


Glitter On Glitter Off Nail Polish

Some new glittery nail polishes that don’t even acquire a nail polish remover. That sounds pretty cool in my ears. You use these as you would with regular nail polish, but when it’s time to remove it all you need to do is peel off the polish. I’m interested to see if they’ll actually work.


Go For The Glow Highlighter Palettes

Essence created two new highlighter palettes – one for those with a cool undertone and one for them with warms undertones. When you open them up you’ll see there’s three shades in each palette.


Stay Cool Llamma Highlighter & Glazed donut Highlighter

I love the outer packaging so much! They’re both so adorable. I’ve had mixed experience with the highlighters from Essence in the past. But I’m crossing my fingers these will be good.


Lash On Lash Off Magnetic Lashes

Another cool product I’m so excited to try out. These are magnetic lashes – one is lengthening, and one is volumizing. This is my first time seeing affordable magnetic lashes, so props to Essence for creating them for a low price. I’m the worst at applying regular eyelashes, so I’m hoping these will be a lot easier for me. Btw no glue is needed to wear these.


Colour Boost Mad About Matte Liquid Lipstick

Highly pigmented liquid lipsticks with a dusty matte finish that dries to stay. Second skin feel, date-proof. This is not a super new product, but they’ve released a lot of new shades.


Get Your Glitter On Lip Topper

Dress your lips up with a dramatic sparkling finish applied either on bare lips or over your lipstick for that special glow as the texture dries down, the glitter blends onto your lips. The topper stays put – for a lasting glitter experience. Non-sticky.


Melted Chrome Liquid Lipstick

The highly pigmented liquid lipsticks wrap the lips with intense colour in one swipe and leaves them with a foil-like matte, metallic finish and a weightless sensation. Waterproof.


Cosmic Cuties – Liquid Highlighters

The liquid highlighters create a galactic glow onto your face thank to the light reflecting pigments.


Velvet Matte Lipsticks


Insta Care Lipstick

Buttery melting lipstick that instantly provides rich colour and care for super soft lips. No compromises with vitamin e and 20% shea butter oil.


Insta Perfect Liquid Make Up

Liquid, lightweight makeup with strong matte effect for a perfect skintone. Longlasting and waterproof. Mixable with other colors. Buildable coverage. At the event the Essence staff were made aware of the very minimal shade range they seem to be repeating when it comes to their foundation and concealer products. They were very understanding and did agree with our constructive criticism and said they were working on making their products more inclusive. This foundation offers 9 shades at the moment.


Camouflage Matte Concealer & Healthy Glow Concealer

Both of these concealers claim to be waterproof and very high in coverage. One of them has a matte finish, while the other has a more dewy finish. The shade selection was quite poor with these concealers and I believe only one shade would work for my NC30 skin. Hopefully they’ll be expanding these shades.


The Sili Helper

3D makeup and concealer pad is perfect for the under-eye area as well as the whole face due to its shape. The sponges don’t absorb any product – therefore no waste.


Cosmic Lights Nail Polish

Metallic nail polish with unique holographic glitters that are shinning in the light.


My Beauty Nail Ritual

Some new products for your hands and nails as well. They’re is a hydrating jelly mask, a hand cream and finally a sugar scrub.


Melted Chrome Eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner with a chrome effect.


It’s All About Brows 4-1 Palette

The palette consists of two soft brow powders, an easy blendable highlighting powder and a transparent wax. Brush included.


Electric Vibes Liner

Highly pigmented eye & lip liner, longlasting and waterproof. I triede these liners on the back of my hand and I can definitely say that they were quite pigmented. Plus, I love the vibrant colors.


Melted Chrome Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow with a liquid chrome effect. Use eyeshadow base. Do you know the Essence liquid metal shock eyeshadow? They are seriously so nice and these eyeshadows are like a pressed version of those. The texture of them felt bouncy and soft and had a really nice amount of pigmentation to them.


All about matt! T-Zone Primer Stick

The T-zone stick mattifies skin areas and visibly minimizes pores. Apply under or over the makeup on the forehead, nose and chin.


Mascaras – Volume Hero (Waterproof), I Love extreme Curl & Volume Mascara, I Need A Miracle Volumizing & Strengthening Mascara.


Holo Powder

If you don’t know you can actually create a custom-made palette with eyeshadows from Essence. They sell these empty palette containers, both small and large ones, where you can add their shadows. These holo powders can be used as an eyeshadow or highlighter. They fit perfect into their eyeshadow palette case that they make.


As you can see the goodiebag we received was beyond generous and I’m very grateful to even attend the event. If you want to see videos & more photos from the event, do check out the highlights on my IG profile (beautyonabudget_94) under “Events”.

– Noreen

Disclaimer: These products were gifted to me. All thoughts & opinions are my own.

22 thoughts on “Excusive Sneak Peek – Essence Cosmetics 2018

  1. O my goodness, soooo many goodies 😍 That llama bronzer/highlighter packaging is way too cute. Thank you so much for giving Essence feedback on their limited shade selections. They have so many great products, it would be awesome to expand their range to include more skin tones 🙂 Congrats on the event, love! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The llama one is so cute but I was a bit confused as it looked a bit like a bronzer hahaha 😀 But when I swatched it, it does appear as an highlighter 🙂 The limited shade range is for sure something they need to work on. Hopefully it’s in a working process ❤


    1. I don’t have any experience with their eyeliners before. As far as I could tell these were creamy and pigmented, but of course I have to try them out on my eyes 🙂 I feel like highlighters from Essence does swing a lot, when it comes to the quality of them. I’ve tried both good and bad ones. I hope these will be good ❤

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh no 😦 I know I’ve purchased Essence products from a site named kosmetik4less before and they always have the newest releases on there 🙂 They do ship worlwide, so maybe you’ll be able to purchase Essence cosmetics from there

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I had no idea Essence hydrating jelly mask a hand cream and sugar scrub. I hope they launch it this side of the world too. Great enlightening post – your photographs make me want to go out and purchase them all! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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