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Ziaja – Acai Berry Line Review

*Reklame/Gifted Products* Skincare has been an interest of mine since I became a teen and I was constantly looking for products, where I could purchase products that were affordable while still being good. Even though I’m not in my teens anymore I still love finding skincare products that doesn’t hurt your wallet. Ziaja is a polish brand that was developed in 1989 by two pharmacists who had a passion and a dream of making skincare as natural as possible with simple formulas.


I’ve been testing some product from one their newest lines, the Acai Berry one. This line is targeted towards all skin types and has a nourishing and regenerating effect and reduces dry skin. Another thing that I find interesting about this line is that apparently the Acai Berry has a reducing effect on “Tech Neck”. Tech Neck are the wrinkles that are caused by continuous tilting the head, which usually occurs when we use our phones or some other electronic devices. For my Danish readers, Ziaja products can be purchased at Normal or on their official site and for the readers outside Denmark you can check out this US site.


Acai Berry – Satin Body Mousse 200 ml – 48.50 DKK

I’ve been making it a priority to moisturize my body after showering almost each time. Every know and then I do skip it, if I’m in a rush or don’t have the energy to moisturize. Quite relatable right? So, for me to stay motivated I want to use a body lotion I love, and this is where the Satin Body Mousse shines.


You immediately notice a fresh berry scent, which I especially find suitable for summertime. It has a thick yoghurt/mousse texture, which blends so well into the skin. I find this to be just as moisturizing as a thick, body butter would be. However, it doesn’t leave a greasy feeling and sinks in quickly, so I tend to get in my clothes right away. This is also the product I’ve already finished as I adored using it.


Acai Berry – Face Toner w/ Hyaluronic Acid 200 ml – 29.50 DKK

This was the product I knew from the jump I wanted to try out. It’s a toner that comes in spray bottle that claims to hydrate the skin, while also work as a facemist. I like to use this toner in several ways. I would spray this on after cleansing, before makeup and even as a “fixer” after I’ve finished applying my makeup. I think Ziaja did a really nice job adding a pump, that distributes the toner so fine and mist-like. It does deliver enough hydration for my skintype, but I can’t imagine that it’ll be enough for drier skin types. Now does it make any real noticeable difference in my skin? Ehh not so much… But I do get lots of use out of this toner and I will most likely get another bottle once this is finished. Plus, the price is so ridiculous! I only mean this in a good way as you get 200 ml for a very low price.


Acai Berry – Express Face and Neck Serum 50 ml – 38 DKK

I’m a fond user of serums in my skincare routine. Each serum works differently and have their own purposes. This one here is supposedly a firming serum that smooths & firms the skin, while also strengthening the skin. The packaging is quite simplistic and has a pump dispenser. The serum has a gel-like consistency and applies easily. I was expecting it to be more moisturizing than what I experienced, and I also had to use 2-3 pumps to really feel the product. It has the signature fresh berry scent, that is in all of these Acai products. I think it’ll work out nicely if you want to level up your moisture just a notch if you pair it with a moisturizer you already love. I don’t have any fine lines or wrinkles, so I can’t say if this serum will work on those skin concerns. The serum was just okay in my opinion, as I have other serums that work better for me.


Acai Berry – Day Cream SPF 10 50 ml – 38 DKK

I got this just at the right time as my moisturizer stash was empty. So, I got to using this right away. The tube packaging is quite simple and it’s easy to dispense the amount of product you need. I also quickly found out that you don’t need a whole to moisturize your face. It does have a slight thick consistency, but it blends into the skin without feeling heavy or greasy. I do appreciate them adding a SPF of 10 in here, but I find it to be way too low and would be pleased with a SPF of AT LEAST 20 or 30. It works great as a basic moisturizer for most skin types, including oily, and works as a nice base for makeup application.

The serum (left) & moisturizer (right)

Cupuacu Exfoliating Sugar Scrub 200 ml – 48 DKK

The last product I want to talk about isn’t even part of the Acai line but it sounded nice, so Ziaja also kindly sent it over along with the other items. It’s their body scrub from their Cupuaca line which is all about softening, moisturizing and nourishing the skin.


The grains in this comes from crushed walnut shells and crystalline sugar, which does an excellent job exfoliating and smoothing my skin. I like my body scrub to be quite aggressive and I’m happy this didn’t disappoint in that department. It has quite a strong, sweet vanilla scent, which some people will love, and some will find it to be overly sweet.


It does leave a “protective” film on your body, which I do love on some parts of my body like my legs and arm. But the first time I tried the scrub was under my armpits. Am I the only one who uses a scrub under my arms or is that just weird? Anyways, I was a bit surprised the first time I tried it, as I wasn’t expecting it to leave a film behind. I do love the feeling for the rest of my body, but just not for my arm pits

Ziaja is a not a stranger to my heart and my previous experience with them had left me curious for more. The Acai Berry line did not disappoint me, and I can already see myself getting several of these items again. If you don’t already know this brand, I can only recommend getting to know them and exploring their different ranges.

– Noreen

Disclaimer: These products were gifted to me. All thoughts & opinions are my own. Links in this post are not affiliate links. 

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