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*Reklame/Gifted Products*
Last month I was invited to an Idun Minerals event, where I was introduced to the brand and their newest products. It’s not a brand I would’ve known about if it wasn’t for the beauty bloggers I know via Instagram. I didn’t have a lot of knowledge about Idun Minerals and I’ve only tried a few nail related products from them. At the event I learned that Idun Minerals is a Swedish beauty brand that develops products in close collaboration with scientists and skin experts.



Their products are all about being cautious about unnecessary additives and being focused on minerals. The fact that their brand is sold in pharmacies in Sweden says something about them, as pharmacies have high quality requirements. Their new launches consist of highly pigmented lip crayons and a limited-edition face palette. Both products are vegan and fragrance free.

My skintype; Oily & Acneprone – NC30/Light-Medium


Lip Crayon 155 DKK

When I saw the shade range of these lip crayons, I couldn’t help to notice how bright the shades were. I’m a nude kind of girl and these shades looked kinda intense. What I’ve learned is that the crayons are cross between a classic lipstick and a lipliner. Each shade is also named after a Swedish female singer. They also contain “Hjortron” oil, which translates to Cloudberry, that’ll help keeping the lips from drying out and giving you a satin finish.


The consistency is smooth, soft and pigmented. The crayons have a hard, plastic packaging with a sturdy lid. To reveal more product, you don’t even need to sharpen it, as all you need to do is twist at the bottom of the pencil. One crayon has 2.5 g./0.09 oz. worth of product. You can go bold by applying the crayon directly onto your lips or apply a little and blend with your finger/brush. They also work perfectly fine as cream blush or even to dab a bit onto the lids.

Fresh Face Palette 319 DKK

The second product is their face palette that contains a highlighter, an illuminating blush, an illuminating bronzer and a matte bronzer. You get 4 x 4.5 g./0.16 oz. I find face palettes are great to bring a long whenever you’re travelling as you have one palette that contains several different products all in one. It’s a cardboard packaging that feels very lightweight and it’s also very sleek. It has a magnetic close and a decent sized mirror.


I can without a doubt say that this palette is mostly suitable for lighter skin tones, the typical Scandinavian skin. I’m a more medium skin tone with yellow undertones.


So, the highlighter is champagne colored with a cool undertone and was a tad bit too light for my skin. It’s a pretty natural looking highlighter that has very finely milled shimmers. The blush is gorgeous and has a peachy shade. I loved using this all over my lids and even as highlighter. The illuminating bronzer has a warm undertone which I use mostly as a blush as it’s not dark enough on me to be used as a bronzer. The matte bronzer has a neutral undertone that I like to use with a big, fluffy brush to slightly warm up my complexion.

My first-time experience with Idun Minerals was very positive. The lip crayon felt comfortable to wear and when it wore off after eating or drinking my lips were still stained. What I really like about the face palette is its inspiration of creating a fresh-looking complexion as that’s a look I love going for, for an everyday look. The powders inside felt smooth and the pigmentation of each product were easily buildable. Since the bronzer shades are on the lighter side, it clearly won’t work for all skintones. If you’re in the “light” category the shades will work beautifully for you.

– Noreen

Disclaimer: These products were PR gifted to me. All thoughts & opinions are my own. Links in this post are not affiliate links.


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