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Beauty Bargains on eBay #1

Listen, I used to be huge eBay addict and would spend so much money on there. There are many low-quality items on the site, but there’s also a bunch of gems. I’m going to share some beauty related items, that I’ve gotten from eBay that works like a charm. I’ll try to find original links or link to the same seller as best as I can. But some products are only listed for small period of times and the exact items that I got may not be available, but I’ll still provide you with some links you can buy the item from.

Brush Guards

Billedresultat for brush guards makeup

Honestly, at first glance you might think “What the hell is this” and I don’t blame you, because I had the same thought in the beginning. But these are sleeves for your makeup brushes. The sleeves help to keep the bristles protected, protect them against dust & dirt and to maintain the shape of the brush.  The material is some type of net, where there are small holes. I’ve also seen people putting brush guards on their brushes immediately after washing them. I think the idea behind that, is that it’ll help the brush to keep its shape while drying. These sleeves are one size and do work for most brushes. If you have very small brushes like blending brushes, then these might not fit. But for most other brushes, they work great and can’t be used over and over again.

Blotting Papers

Blotting Paper

If you’re someone with oily skin, you probably know how helpful blotting papers can be. They are super thin pieces of papers, that you lightly press onto your skin to absorb excess sebum. You can use them on clean skin and even while wearing makeup. Of course, you can buy these at any beauty retail store, but I find there aren’t many sheets in a pack, and it can get expensive, depending on how many you use. Here you can get a pack with 100 sheets and I usually just buy 2-3 packs at the time, so I always have some on hand when I run out.

Daiso Detergent Cleaning for Makeup Puff & Sponge


This is not an eBay exclusive item, but this is the only place where I can get mine from. If you’re lucky enough to have a Daiso store near you, you can try looking after it there. This is a very popular detergent/cleanser for your beauty sponges in particular, but it does a great job cleaning your brushes as well. It’s a quite concentrated formula, so you don’t need a whole lot. I like to mix a couple of drops into a bowl with warm water and dunk my beauty sponges/brushes directly into the solution. The detergent used to be cheaper, but I guess since it has gotten more popular, they’ve raised the price. The current price is still reasonable and the product is worth it!

Sponge Holder


After you wash your sponge you want to place it somewhere, where it can dry properly. I got this drying rack/holder maybe a year ago and it’s still working great. It’s made from some type of durable steel material, so I honestly don’t see this ever breaking or getting damaged.

Silicone Mask Cover

Silicone Cover

I swear when you put this on, you’re going to look crazy – just saying. You’ll probably look like someone who is recovering from plastic surgery. But if you’re someone who use sheet masks on a regular basis, then I think this is a great investment. It’s a silicone mask you apply over your sheet mask. It helps in keeping you mask in place, so it doesn’t slide around. But the number one reason why it’s worth getting, is that it keeps you sheet mask moist for a very long time. When I use a sheet mask without this silicone cover, it’s moist for around 20 min. However, when I wear the cover on top it stays moist for at least 50 minutes.

Those were my few picks for some excellent beauty related items I’ve found and loved from eBay. I do have other items in mind, so I might just do these eBay buys post every now and then.

– Noreen

Disclaimer: All thoughts & opinions are my own. Links in this post are not affiliate links. All photos belong to their rightful owners. 

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