New Essence Fall/Winter Collection 2019

*Reklame/Gifted Products*

The title says it all doesn’t it? I’m reviewing some new Essence Cosmetics products that are soon to hit the shelves. I’ve already noticed a couple of the products out in stores here in Denmark so everything should be out, or they will be very soon depending on your location. I’m quickly going to review the items and let you know my thoughts on them.


Crystal Power Color Changing Lipstick (01 Be Happy)

I understand why someone would want to take this home based on its looks. It looks like a clear, jelly lipstick that has shimmer in it. It’s also described as a lipstick, but I would describe it more as a lip balm that leaves the lips stained.


It glides on very easily and lightly moisturizing. It feels like a cross between vaseline and a lip oil It leaves a pink tint that is quite subtle (see swatch further down). I definitely had to go over my lips several times to get the product to show up. Despite that I quite liked it, as it looked very natural yet still moisturizing while also feeling lightweight.

Perfect Shine Lipstick (05 Perfect Plan)

I seem to have a thing for lipsticks from Essence, because I seem to like them all. I have a bunch of different lipsticks from them and I probably like 90% of them. It has a nice amount of pigment and leaves a satin leaning towards a shiny finish.


It holds up well through light snacking, but you will need to reapply after a meal or drinking. It glides on easily without any problems One thing I would change would be the shape of the top part of the lipstick. It’s roundly shaped whereas I prefer almond shaped ones as they help to apply lipstick more neatly and sharp. I saw these were available in 5 other shades as well.

Hydrating+ Perfecting Primer SPF 20

I got a thing for primers! I love trying out new ones and this one sounded nice as it claims to be hydrating and I love they added a SPF 20. It comes in a glass bottle with a black dropper and contains 15 ml. Good thing that Essence is a budget friendly brand, cause 15 ml is not a whole not.


I usually don’t mind droppers but this one just didn’t dispense the primer well… It dispenses a small drop at a time, and I need like a few drops at least, so not the best when I’m rushing to get ready. The texture feels like a light moisturizer and blends easily onto the skin and leaves a natural finish, not too dewy or too matte. It did leave a slightly smoother surface which made my makeup go on easier.

What The Fake! Volumizing & Lengthening Mascara

My lashes are quite picky when it comes to finding a good mascara. I prefer quite dry formulas, this one has a creamy and wet formula. The bristles are coated in product and makes my lashes look really dark and volumized while lengthening them. But since the formula is creamy it didn’t work too well for my lashes as it made them clump up a little.


It says volumizing fibers on the tube so I was expecting there to be actual small fiber hairs in here but they weren’t any. Maybe they were so small that I didn’t notice them perhaps. If you like creamy mascara it may work out better for you.

The Blush (10 Befitting) & The Highlighter (10 Heroic)

I always love Essence blushes, both their satin and matte ones. Their highlighter on the other hand haven’t always been impressive. They both have a formula that seems similar despite being two different products with different ingredients lists. The blush has a smooth, matte finish and the pigmentation is buildable. It has a pinkish, slightly rose color to it.


The highlighter is a light-golden champagne color with no visible shimmer. It does lean towards a more natural highlight and not a blinding one. I’ve always preferred the glitter free, natural looking highlighters so for me it’s well worth it. The packaging however can be improved as I know from experience that the lid easily breaks.

Epic Sunset Eyeshadow Palette


Judging based on it’s looks it could easily pass as a high-end palette, when I look at the inside and the layout of the shadows. There are four matte shades and twelve shimmery shades, whereas the middle row has the more adventurous, fun colors.


The formula of the mattes was very nice as I had no troubles blending them in, but they are on the powdery side. The shimmers on the other hand needed more work. You could use a brush to apply the shimmer, but if you want a super intense pigmentation look you will need to use your fingers.


Crystal Power Eyeshadow Palette


This is my preferred eyeshadow palette out of the two, since the shades in this were more me. These shadows also come in a cardboard packaging with a magnetic close and with a mirror on the inside. The shades are gorgeous and shimmery, which they all are except for the one brown shade in the middle which is matte.


I think it’s quite hard to create eye looks with only one matte shade, I would need at least 2-3 matte shades. The formula blends beautifully and is very beginner friendly. There were no streaks and I had no hard time blending the shadows in. My brushes weren’t picking up the shimmer shades very well, they would without a doubt look a lot better applied with your fingers. A small detail but something that is still appreciated with me, is that they added names to their shadows on both of the palettes.


Crystal Power Blush & Highlighter Palette


Let me tell you how happy I was with this palette. Not only does the print on the powders look stunning, but the formulas of these were amazing!


Glowing Energy was beautiful as a golden highlighter, Shine Bright I loved to wear on the eyes as it gave me a glossy, shimmery lid look, Superpower and Inner Happiness worked beautifully as blushes. Even though they are powder formulas I could blend them into my skin with fingers as if they were cream. This will without a doubt become a new favorite face palette of mine. Just like the other palettes, it has the exact same packaging with the cardboard packaging, mirror inside and magnetic close.

I hope these mini reviews on each product was helpful and as always feel free to ask away if there’s any questions or anything that I missed in the review.

– Noreen

Disclaimer: These products were PR gifted to me. All thoughts & opinions are my own. 


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