Soft Glam by Anastasia Beverly Hills Review & Swatches

*Reklame/Gifted Product* Oh yes… Anastasia Beverly Hills has done it again! Their soft glam palette has been in my hands for several months now and I thought it was about time to do a review on it. I’ve already shared a fair deal of ABH products on here, that you can read up on if you feel like. The other eyeshadow palette I own is the Subculture, which I’ve reviewed here. Despite the beautiful color scheme, it wasn’t a complete knockout for me personally, but I can already tell you that the Soft Glam palette is much more user friendly – also for newbies like myself.


Let’s get to reviewing;

Price: The palette retails for 465 DKK/42 USD on their official site. For the Danish readers I would suggest buying this palette from Beauty Bay as there’s a price difference of aprox. 100 DKK.

Packaging: You get the palette inside a cardboard box with the brand logo and name of the palette. The palette itself also feels like some sort of cardboard material that has a magnetic close. The front of the palette has a velvet feel of velour, which adds some luxury to the palette. Each squared pan/shade weighs 0.7 g/0.02 oz. each (9.8 g/0.20 oz. in total). Plus is has a mirror on the inside. A long with the palette you also receive a dual ended eyeshadow brush, which I know people have mixed feelings about. I love and use the brush almost every day, and I appreciate them including a brush.


Shades: The palette consist of 14 different shades. Some of them are some of their signature shades and some are new. There are mostly mattes in this palette, 9 to be exact. The rest are shimmery shades – 2 of them look like regular shades and 3 of them gives me a more metallic vibe.

  • Tempera: Ultra-matte velvety beige
  • Glistening: Iridescent gold with a hint of pink reflect
  • Orange Soda: Ultra-matte pastel peach
  • Rose Pink: Rose gold with a soft pink iridescent hue
  • Sultry: A hybrid satin metallic finish warm chocolate brown
  • Bronze: Metallic gold bronze
  • Mulberry: Ultra-matte mulberry
  • Dusty Rose: Ultra-matte dusty lilac
  • Fairy: Multi-dimensional light gold
  • Burnt Orange: Ultra-matte deep orange
  • Sienna: Ultra-matte earthy brown
  • Rustic: Ultra-matte deep cinnamon brown
  • Cyprus Umber: Ultra-matte dark coffee
  • Noir: Ultra-matte deep carbon black


Swatches: I swatched the shadows with my finger – no moisturizer or primer. I did went over the shades 2-3 times each to make the color show up on the photos.


My thoughts: I love this palette! The shades aren’t anything groundbreaking whatso ever, but someone like me who loves and wear neutral, warm shades on a regular basis, this is a win. The formulation is pigmented, and the shadows feel soft to touch. I’m a matte girl when it comes to shadows, so it’s another bonus that the majority are mattes. They blend really well onto the eyes and when used with a primer they seem to hold up amazingly during a full day. I see myself wearing every single shade in the palette, which I’ve already have, so I’m happy that each shade is being used.

One thing I have noticed with ABH palettes are that the shadows are pressed much softer than I’m used to. It’s not a critic but it’s something that nice to know before buying their palette. You only need to gently press your brush into the shadow, because if you start swirling you’ll get lots of fall out and pan your shadows much faster and it’ll be waste to do so. The softer bristled brush you use the less fallout you’ll get. In the end I think they did a beautiful job creating a palette with a nice formulation. It’s not a super interesting palette when it comes to the colors, but it’s been my most used palette for an everyday look and I know for sure I’ll keep on using it.

– Noreen

Disclaimer: This product was gifted to me. All thoughts & opinions are my own. Links in this post are not affiliate links. 

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