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What’s Inside The Yves Rocher Christmas Advent Calendar/Julekalender 2020?

*Reklame/PR* I’m already back with another advent calendar unboxing. I’ve had the advent calendar from Yves Rocher the past few years, which you can find here. One of the things that I initially noticed was the price difference from the past years. The cost for this 2020 version is 399 DKK which is almost half the price from the 2018 version which was 699 DKK. Usually almost everything are full size products, while in this version it’s mostly filled with deluxe sized products along with some full-size ones. I do like they turned the price down in comparison to their usual advent calendar price, however I do feel like some of the products are too small for example their perfume samples and some of the skincare and hair products.

The design is also very different in comparison to their classic sack and pouch design. This year the calendar is shaped like a small house with individual small boxes that you’re able to pull out like drawers. The variety of products is also refreshing as there’s something in all beauty categories; makeup, skincare, hair & bodycare. The advent calendar is available for purchase on their official site Yves Rocher

1. December – Glow Granita Scrub

2. December – Winter Apples Bath & Shower Gel

3. December – The Micellar Water Sensitive Skin

4. December – Hydra Vegetal Ultra Fresh Cleansing Gel

5. December – Brilliance Shine Rinsing Vinegar

6. December – Kohl Pencil (01. Noir)

7. December – Magnolia White Tea Bath & Shower Gel

8. December – Plein Soleil Perfume

9. December – Hydra Vegetal 48 H Non-Stop Moisturizing Gel Cream

10. December – Go Green Nail Polish (11 Rose Hortensia)

11. December – Botanical Scrub

Unfortunately I missed this products while I was photographing the unboxing.

12. December – Purifying Gel Mask

13. December – Nutrition Cream Shampoo

14. December – Midnight Berries Bath & Shower Gel

15. December – Midnight Berries Lip Balm

16. December – Comforting Shower Balm

17. December – Hammam Hand Cream

18. December – Mascara Sexy Pulp Volume Extrême (01. Noir) 

19. December – The Corrective Green Cream Sensitive Skin

20. December – Cuir de NUIT Perfume

21. December – Moisturizing Lotion

22. December – Universal Botanic Hair Balm

23. December – Go Green Nail Polish (Cerise Noire)

24. December – Grand Rouge Mat Lipstick (156)

That was all that was inside of the Yves Rocher advent calendar of 2020. Yves Rocher also does limited edition Christmas collections, which may spark some interest and can be found here.

– Noreen

Disclaimer: These products were gifted to me, which I were not obligated to talk/write about. All thoughts & opinions are my own. Links in this post are not affiliate links.

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